Turing School of Software & Design

Project Details

  • Website Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web Development
  • CMS Development
  • Drupal Development
  • User Experience
  • Conversion Optimization

Creating a website that attracts prospective students & hiring managers

Turing School of Software & Design is quickly becoming one of the top programming schools in the country. They offer one of the most challenging—yet rewarding—programs in the industry. With a keen focus on student success and opening up the world of web development to a diverse audience, they needed an agency partner to help them attract both students and employers. We were honored to help them tell their story with a completely redesigned website.

Results overview

Strategy built on research

A company’s website is as much for their customers as it is for the company itself. Turing has two distinct target audiences: prospective students and development hiring managers. Gaining a deep understanding of these diverse ideal customers was our first priority. Using our innovative research techniques, we were able to uncover key insights that served as the foundation for our website design strategy. 

Education website design

Designing a website for an education brand like Turing presents an exciting challenge: how do you tell a compelling story while funneling website visitors quickly and easily to the information they need? We used a combination of high-impact imagery and bold, contrasting headlines and calls-to action to ensure that prospective students and hiring managers had clear pathways through the website. Along those distinct pathways, we highlighted Turing’s differentiating factors for each of their unique audiences.

More than a website

A website built by Ascend is more than just an online brochure; it’s a platform built to be the center of your marketing universe. Our goal was to empower Turing’s non-technical staff and students with a website that gave them an easy way to publish their content. Turing’s staff can manage everything, from team member’s bios to building out new courses as they grow their curriculum. Students have the ability to build their own online profiles complete with areas of interest, location preferences, their resume, and even sample projects.

The results

Upon launching the new website, Turing immediately began to see the impact. Student and employer inquires increased dramatically. In addition, the hard work we did to ensure their website was built to be search engine-friendly started to pay off. Traffic to the website increased by nearly 600% in the first few months. While raw traffic data is important, it’s quality traffic that matters. With a 30% decrease in their website's bounce rate, Turing was obviously attracting quality visitors.

Turing School of Software & Design SAID:

"We started seeing increases in traffic and inquiries immediately. But, more importantly, the quality of the inquiries increased dramatically." Jorge Tellez, Director of Growth
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