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Website redesign overhaul that touches many industries

TouchSource is Colorado's leading creator of turnkey digital directories and wayfinding systems. In today’s fast-paced world customers want answers, and they wanted them 3 seconds ago. TouchSource helps customers by providing easy to use solutions that get them the information they need quickly. However, the sophistication of their solutions and products wasn't reflected in their website, which is where we came in.

Our Approach

First, we had to answer a pressing question: How can we seamlessly align the needs of clients, and their customers? We went about answering this question by conducting customer research to understand both sides of the audience. The data reflected that the managers with purchasing power were industry focused first, and product focused second. Which is what leads to how we organized the content in our design.

Connecting the dots between management needs, and touchscreen solutions

The research indicated that the target audience for Touchsource were mostly building managers or someone in the upper management roles. Our data showed that time is a big issue for them and they are always on the go. Which is why we wanted to create a site that’s easy for them to navigate and find the best solution quickly.

The language involved with selecting products and features is a little confusing for someone outside of the touchscreen industry. Which is why we relied heavily on imagery, and organization of information to help managers choose the best solution for their business needs. Once inside the industry, we narrowed down the features available to ensure that managers were selecting the best apps for their customers; creating a seamless user experience by providing confidence in their decision making.

Using color to differentiate 

Not only did we research the target audience for this website design, but we also did an extensive evaluation of TouchSource's competitors. It wasn't too long before our senior designer, Katie Crawford, noticed a common trend amongst Touchsource's competitors–every site was light. Always seeking opportunities to differentiate, Katie seized on the chance to make TouchSource stand-out from the crowd with sleek and modern design that utilized a dark color palette. After some experimentation she settled on using a deep navy background which brings more focus to the imagery, and is the perfect contrast to TouchSource's bright blue primary brand color. 

Touchsource SAID:

This is so exciting, the website looks great–thanks again for all of your hard work!! Katie Lonsdale
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