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  • User Experience
  • User Interface

Designing a product locator

Susie Q is a company that offers artisan foods with Santa Maria-style flavoring. Susie Q and their team started out in California, but their brand is quickly spreading throughout the entire US. Their website needed to showcase where their products are sold in an easy and intuitive way. After finding a product called MetaLocator, they realized that the store map generating tool was the right fit for them. 

Brand visual consistency

After importing all their product locations into MetaLocator, their map was up and running and their location landing pages were generated, but there was one problem: the map and locations did not match the look and feel of the website. It's important for users to have a consistent user experience. That's when they brought Ascend into the picture to design and implement the locator and landing pages so that they matched Susie Q's colors, fonts, and visual brand identity.

Responsive web design

In addition to designing, styling, and developing the map and the landing pages, it's important for us to create a consistent user experience on any screen size: from large desktop screens to mobile devices. We take pride in creating responsive websites and applications. It takes a lot of experience in crafting a site that responds to each size where readability, image placement, and flow are so key to its success. With Susie Q's website especially, where maps are hard to navigate on mobile, we took a different approach by listing the locations and giving users an easy way to filter them based on their location. 

Susie Q Product Locator SAID:

"We hired Ascend for a design project for an integrated custom product.  They were able to quickly understand our system and execute a showcase design for our client.  We'll be hiring them for our next design project without hesitation." Michael Fatica, CEO @ MetaLocator
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