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  • Ruby on Rails Development

Stepping up for our client

When our client Turing School of Software & Design got the last-minute opportunity to host the 7th annual Rocky Mountain Ruby conference, they jumped at the chance. They faced several challenges, one of which was that they needed a website built in Ruby on Rails, and they needed it fast. With the conference starting in just over 60 days and the website being the center piece for the event marketing, they needed a website development firm with a unique combination of Ruby of Rails experience and unparalleled speed. Thankfully, our Co-Founder and CTO, Steven Monetti, possesses this exact combination of rare attributes.

Why we Ruby and Rails

It's important to explain that Ruby on Rails is not one single thing. Ruby is a programming language, and Rails is a framework built with the Ruby language.

Even though we build most of our websites in Drupal, there is no doubt that Ruby on Rails is pretty amazing. Its attention to architecture, ease of use, and scalability make it a perfect candidate for enterprise solutions. Perhaps the most impressive part, however, is that you can deploy a website in a matter of hours like we did for Rocky Mountain Ruby.

Since Ruby is a new language, many developers have started using it and calling it their preferred method of coding. Many new coding schools, such as Turing, use it as their main teaching method. Using the latest technology, such as SASS, HAML, and CoffeeScript, it's really easy to see why. Their method of conventions over configurations makes the entire platform easy to "read" and work with for many developers. It's also important to mention that their extensive testing framework, RSpec, is by far one of the greatest and most robust ways to make sure that your application has the least amount of bugs possible by promoting TTD (Test Driven Development).

Ruby on Rails development

Typically, a custom website design and development process takes a minimum of 8 weeks...but that’s 8 weeks more than the Rocky Mountain Ruby conference had. Fortunately, our Co-Founder and CTO Steven Monetti, who leads our web development efforts, had recently completed development on two website projects and was available to step up for our client. He dedicated 16 hours of his weekend in a marathon coding session that included creating a system to easily update content, such as schedules, speakers, and sponsors all within Rails, without the use of a database. In addition, he coded the front end of the website for mobile compatibility. We believe in going the extra mile for our clients, and there might be no better evidence of this fact than this project.

Rocky Mountain Ruby SAID:

"We are developers, so the quality of code is very important to us. When we reviewed the source code, we were really impressed. Ascend's code is clean and follows all best practices." Jorge Tellez, Director of Growth
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