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Refreshing a family business’s website & branding to mirror its modern elegance

In an era where everyone is glued to their phones and constantly connected to their virtual world, bringing people together in the real world is harder than ever. Now more than ever before, the kitchen holds the power to become a gathering place in every home; a place where families can truly connect and make lasting memories. Enter Kd., a family-owned high-end kitchen design-and-build brand that prefers to do things the old-fashioned way: with extreme attention to detail and a personalized experience up until the client's "happily ever after." Becoming successful off of these notions alone, however, is futile without a strong brand identity and a website that embodies the unique values that make the brand special. That’s where we come in.

Our approach:

We dove right into the MAVEN Method™ Workshop to get a deep understanding of Kd.’s brand, from its values, long history, and unique process to what makes it different from its competitors. Some good news surfaced right away: Kd. was successfully creating a white glove experience for its clients just liked it strived to do, and better yet, our post-workshop customer research helped us confirm that their most satisfied customers truly did appreciate how Kd. handles all the details in a kitchen design project, from the contractor relationships and supplying high-end materials to the finishing touches. We also dove into how kitchens are perceived as the center gathering place of the home—while that concept rings true most everywhere, we didn’t want to tread that ground too much since everyone does; instead, we decided to focus more on the people and the special moments in their lives that a kitchen enables. Put the two themes together, and that’s how their key differentiation was born: from concept to construction, we take care of all the details, so you can focus on what matters.

Before and after comparison

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Translating beautiful kitchen design into a virtual landscape

The key selling point for a kitchen design company is to show off the work that they do, which is why imagery was so important in Kd.’s website design. From the banner image with the fade-in text to the layout of the gallery, we made sure that imagery was front and center in each page concept. Designing a minimal, spacious site accounted for giving images the “breathing room” they deserved, and structuring the pages with a grid layout helped to navigate the viewer’s eye in the exact sequence that would make the most sense for each page. We spent a lot of time on perfecting the gallery as it is the centerpiece of showcasing what Kd. is capable of—the research backed this notion, too, as we found that heavy imagery would help clients discover inspiration for their dream kitchen. Beyond determining the best way to organize the gallery for easiest use, we implemented some modern Javascript technology that improves the page load speed to counterbalance the sheer number of photos on the page. Our developer found a way to present high-quality photos while asynchronously loading the page for optimal user experience, allowing Kd.’s kitchen designs to be viewed in the quality they deserve. The site is mostly white to allow the images to speak for themselves, but choosing a branded color palette beyond that was a little more complicated: we had to balance gender-neutral tones alongside a more vibrant shade to help the site’s buttons stand out.

Shining the spotlight on the people behind the brand

Oftentimes, it’s not the brand itself that makes it special; it’s the people behind it. After we conducted our post-workshop research, we found that this way certainly the case with Kd. as happy customers called out designers by name when praising the brand. Because of the rich history and family tradition tied to the company, it only made sense that the people—the Kd. family itself—had a big impact on the customer service side of the brand and would need to be prominent on the new website. Even though Kd. started as a family-owned company and has since added others to its team, it has kept that close-knit family atmosphere through the years, letting their designers be the stars of the show by empowering them to do what they feel is right for their customers. To reflect this, we created an about us page dedicated to showcasing their award-winning designers so that visitors can get that personal connection right away. Then, the CTAs throughout the site encourage a visit to the actual showroom, where customers meet their designers and embark on their personalized kitchen design journey.

Kitchen Distributors SAID:

“The user experience is everything we hoped it would be, but the cherry on top is how amazing the back end is; very updatable, customizable, and intuitively simple to use. Compared to our last website, it's a DREAM!!!” Morgan McKay, Director of Marketing
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