Extraordinary Journeys

Project Details

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Website Design
  • CMS Development
  • Conversion Optimization

Redefining a luxury travel brand

Extraordinary Journeys is a luxury safari company founded by Marcia & Elizabeth Gordon, a mother-daughter team with decades of experience living and working in Africa. While their safari expertise is unmatched, their website failed to attract many visitors and did not convert the few visitors they had into leads. Our challenge was to uncover the reasons why…

It starts with a brand

For brands to be noticed in the crowded marketplace we live in today, they must be unique. Using our proprietary branding process, The MAVEN Method™, we were able to uncover the big ideas that make Extraordinary Journeys truly essential to luxury travelers and what they feel sets them apart from their competition.

Creating a connection

For a brand to be successful, it has to create a deep connection with the targeted market. Surprisingly, most business owners fail to understand what makes them truly essential in the hearts and minds of their customers. We don’t leave anything to chance: using extensive research and surveys, we uncovered the real reasons that customers care about Extraordinary Journeys.

The results were beyond all expectations

Within the first month of launching their new website, complete with new brand messaging and a fresh logo design, Extraordinary Journeys experienced a massive surge in leads. Their conversion rate, meaning the percentage of visitors to their website that became leads, increased dramatically by 2050%. They even outpaced the industry average for established luxury brands by 72%.

Extraordinary Journeys SAID:

"Ascend's business model was really helpful for us. It was great to know we could send over questions at any time and know that they would be there to help!" Elizabeth Gordon, CEO
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