Durango Cannabis Company

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  • Brand Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • Drupal Development
  • Search Engine Optimization

Helping a craft cannabis grower unearth its unique roots

Amidst an exploding cannabis market in Colorado, many growers are rushing to push out as much product as fast as possible, taking shortcuts by using pesticides, chemicals, and hydroponics in the process. Meanwhile, Durango Cannabis Company (DCC) is trying to do something different by creating products the way they should be made: by combining tradition and technology to produce the highest possible quality cannabis. This small-batch, organic wholesale cannabis grower focuses on purity and innovation with a big emphasis on genetic integrity and sustainability in the process. But simply growing quality cannabis is not enough to be successful...which is why DCC came to us—to take their brand to the next level.

Our approach:

DCC initially approached us because they wanted to get clarity around their brand and unearth what it is that sets them apart from others in the industry. After completing The MAVEN Method™ workshop, the team left inspired and with a new sense of focus and clarity that allowed them to craft their own messaging. However, DCC was so impressed by the experience of our branding workshop that they came back to do a custom website design with Ascend.

Striking the perfect balance between rugged and modern web design

After DCC tried Wix and was not happy with the results, they hired us again to build a completely custom website. The biggest hurdle was blending the tradition associated with the growing process with the desired clean, modern look and feel of the new website. The founders of DCC wanted something really unique that reflected the distinct culture of Durango, too—the rugged, old Western influence of the city as their brand really resonates with its place of origin. We took inspiration from actual mountains in Durango to design a custom mountain ridge for the border of the homepage banner. The final touch for crafting equilibrium between designing a  modern website layout and characterizing the beliefs and culture of the Durango-based company was to create an earth-toned color palette with a bright orange as the main accent color. The project also entailed creating custom illustrations to represent the brand’s core values.

A custom cannabis website that's easy to update

Developing a website for DCC involved adding features that would allow the cannabis grower to showcase its product in the best way possible. While the website is smaller than most with only 5 main page themes, we were able to say more with less through the addition of custom features. On the backend, we created a way for DCC to easily update their products, add new strains, and portray the effects of each strain by picking from dropdown lists of effect types and using animated sliders to depict the range of each. As is required with all cannabis websites, we designed a custom “over 21” popup for accessing the site. Finally, we created a way for DCC to highlight  multiple CTA’s for everything from newsletter signups to featured strains  within individual blog articles.

We love working with cannabis brands because of how rapidly the industry is both evolving and exploding. Take a closer look at the services we offer in the realm of cannabis branding, design, and marketing.

Durango Cannabis Company SAID:

"Working with Ascend allowed us to execute our vision perfectly. With their aptitude, guidance, and implementation, we ended up with a stunning, high functioning and professional website. We couldn’t be happier with the results!" Caroline Borst, Director of Brand Development & Media Design
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