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Why should you care about
Conversion Optimization?

  • Conversions = sales, leads, customers, and revenue
  • Increases the ROI on your current advertising spend
  • Gives your business a competitive advantage
  • Provides conclusive proof of what design and copy works and what doesn’t
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Conversion Optimization with Ascend is Different

At Ascend, you’ll partner with a dedicated team that works exclusively with your website to ensure it’s the most effective tool in your marketing arsenal.

Additionally, most conversion rate optimization agencies are built on a monthly consulting model, designed to ensure steady revenue for the agency. At Ascend, we believe in empowering you to fine-tune your web presence to generate the most leads or sales possible.

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5 Reasons We’re Different Better

1. No monthly contracts or ongoing consulting required.
2. We deliver impactful, actionable insights in Phase One.
3. Our experts then train you to use the cutting-edge tools that agencies use.
4. We empower you to be the master of your own conversion rate.
5. We give you the data required to win any website argument with your boss.

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High Level Conversion Rate Optimization Process

Step 1

Our team evaluates your website and outline the most impactful, actionable insights.

Step 2

Our team integrates cutting-edge conversion optimization tools into your website.

Step 3

Our team implements the initial “big picture” user experience, design, and copy changes.

Step 4

Our team tests the big picture changes using A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing.

Step 5

While the results of our initial improvements are tabulating, we’ll train you to take the reigns (don’t worry, the tools are easy!) and continually improve your website.

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Detailed Breakdown of Conversion Optimization Process

Business & Website Analysis

We spent years helping hundreds of businesses achieve their marketing and sales goals online. We use this experience and our expertise in website design, user experience, and conversion optimization to evaluate your current website. 

  • Define Business Goals 
  • Initial UX Audit 
  • Website Analytics Analysis 
  • Competitive Review
  • Identify KPIs
  • Target Market Research & Persona Development 


Our conversion rate optimization experts will outline our initial recommendations and deliver an overview document with our findings. Next, we will create a wireframe with the proposed website architectural changes, if there are any. We will then create design mockups and submit alternative copy and call to action recommendations for you to review.

  • Compile Initial Recommendations 
  • Testing Outline 
  • Wireframe Proposed Changes 
  • Proposed Design, Copy, & CTA Changes 

Optimization Implementation

Upon approval of our proposed changes, our technical team will install our hand-picked conversion optimization tools on your website. Then, we will implement the previously approved design & copy and set up A/B & multivariate tests aligned with your online business goals. While your website is gathering data from these initial improvements, one of our conversion experts will teach you how to use the tools and interpret test results. With the tools and training at your fingertips, you’ll be able to continually increase your website's effectiveness at delivering your business more leads, sales, and customers.

  • Optimization Tools Implementation
  • Implement Approved Design & Copy
  • Set Up A/B & Multivariate Tests
  • One-on-One Tools Training
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